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The Foundation Pair

The cock is from Paul Calabrese's 'Primo 567' and the hen is also from Ganus Janssen '969 x 048' Blood and 'Berte's Best'. 

Our Experience

I started flying and racing homers at a very early age. I was introduced to them by my dad who raised racing homers in Brooklyn back in the 1940's. We moved from Brooklyn when I was only 2. After about 10 years in our new home on Long Island my Dad caught a stray young homer while we were installing a new TV antenna on the roof. From that day on I was hooked on homing pigeons. We returned that bird to it's rightful owner and within a week we built a 4' x 8' starter loft. We had a young bird team of race birds pretty quick after my dad made a few calls. :) 

Today we're retired from active competition

But we're always willing to give new junior flyers some young birds and also sound advice on becoming an ace flyer and breeding Acebirds. :)

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